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About Us

Husband and wife, Rhys and Sonia, own and operate Little Mindz Big Dreams with their two beautiful girls Lacey and Halle, making it a family business.

Sonia has practiced as an Occupational Therapist for 9 years with both a passion for and experience in child development. She also has a very keen interest in natural health and applies this in her own family life.

Rhys also works in the health industry and has experience working with youth addressing their social, emotional, mental and physical health and wellness. He shares his wife’s interest in natural health (but leaves a lot of this research to her!)

Here at Little Mindz Big Dreams our aim is to promote wise choices in family lifestyle and learning to set children up to be healthy adults in their future and have healthy families of their own.

We therefore offer safe and innovative product choices ranging from educational toys to home and personal care. This is to ensure we address all necessary phases of family life from pregnancy and birth through to the infant stage and child and adolescent development.

We carefully select our products according to the values that we believe will help you to achieve your optimal healthy family lifestyle and we strive to keep our prices highly competitive for you. We trust you will enjoy this journey of wellness with us with lots of fun along the way.