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Wikki Stix - Dinosaur Fun Pack
Wikki Stix - Dinosaur Fun Pack
Wikki Stix - Dinosaur Fun Pack
Wikki Stix - Dinosaur Fun Pack

Wikki Stix - Dinosaur Fun Pack

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"Wikki Stix One of a Kind Creatables!"

"Twist, bend, or simply press down.  No glue... no mess!  Endlessly reusable."

"Hands on Fun with Dinosaur creations!"

This fun mini play pack creates clean, safe, fun with hours of play for kids who love Dinosaurs! The pack includes a connect the dot dino and fun facts.  You can even make a 3D Dino!

 These mini packs are easily transportable so you can take them with you on your next family holiday or when you go out to a restaurant.  Eliminate boredom while learning too.  Great for fine motor skills and creativity - this kit provides a multi-sensory learning experience for lots of Dino fun!.

Made from yarn and non toxic wax in the USA.

They stick to almost all smooth surfaces.

WIKKI STIX Dinosaur Fun Pak (12)

  • 12 individual play paks with dinosaur activity sheet and 12 Wikki Stix to use for creating the connect-the-dot dinosaur. Fun Fact on each one! PLUS bonus pak of adorable dino hatching out of its egg!AND…three dinosaur footprint cards for making dinosaur tracks that stick right on your bedroom door or wall. Just complete the dashed lines with Wikki Stix, press onto wall, and gently peel off the card. Repeat ! Now you’re making tracks!
  • Dinosaurs included are: Tyrannosaurus Rex (T-Rex) | Velociraptor | Triceratops
    Spinosaurus | Allosaurus | Stegosaurus | Diplodocus
    Pterodactyl | Parasaurolophus | Styracosaurus
    Ankylosaurus | Apatosaurus
  • Great for party games, kids crafts, travel, rainy days, and more.
  • A new idea for party bags at birthday parties.
  • Good also because Wikki Stix  contain no gluten, latex or nut compounds.